Health Benefits of Cryotherapy


In this article we will explore the benefits of cryotherapy treatment that could be administered in a medical settings or at your local cryotherapy spa. 

It is a known fact that cold and heat can reduce the pain in your body. Although the ice may temporarily feel bad, remember that it can do wonders for your back pain, especially if you have "burning pain" or severe inflammation. Ice also relieves certain types of chronic back pain, especially in individuals with irritation of the nerve root. Many therapists who have advised ice cream would suggest that you apply it immediately after tensing a muscle on your back. Do not stop after the first 24 hours to 48 hours. Use this tactic on a daily basis as long as there are contractions that continue to cause pain in your back muscles.

How Can You Get Benefit From Cryotherapy Pain Management Treatment?

There is a great possibility that you might not be aware of the pain management method of cryotherapy or cold therapy. The term comes from the Greek, in which cryo means cold and the therapy is used to cure. It is a process of applying cold temperature to injured areas of the body to eliminate heat and reduce inflammation. The most common mode of use is in the form of ice packs stored with gels stored in the freezer or simply ice cubes.

The other form of cryotherapy, which is usually performed by the dermatologist, is cryosurgery. In this operation, liquid nitrogen is used in the skin tissue to freeze it and then the skin is surgically removed. This process is the most effective option for skin problems and conditions, such as solar keratosis, moles, warts and skin tags.

Cryogenic chamber therapy

This therapy is starting to gain popularity, but now adapted in Europe for many decades, which is also called full-body cryotherapy, this process is usually done in the cold chamber in which the temperature as low as -180 degrees Fahrenheit is configured or even lower with the help of liquid nitrogen. The patient enters the room and some areas are covered to prevent freezing. The total duration of this technique is 3 minutes. In a matter of seconds, the impact of ice reduces the body temperature to 45 degrees Fahrenheit, and the core temperature of the body remains the same. The difference between the body and the core temperature causes endorphins to be released, which has an immediate analgesic effect. In general, the sensation of pain relief lasts several hours, but when people often use this therapy, the effect is lasting.

Cryogenic chamber therapy together with physiotherapy

There are many health centers that offer a combination of cryotherapy and physics. As it has already been said that the pain-free state will last for a few hours, experts impose some physical therapists perform exercises for a better effect on the duration, which is not possible to carry out as it causes a lot of pain. These exercises add to the effects of cryotherapy for much longer. If you do it regularly, you will feel that your pain has gone away for months.

Cryotherapy to lose weight:

With the combination of a stable exercise plan and a balanced diet, this method is also useful to burn additional calories in just 3 minutes. Many people experience an increase in their RMR (resting metabolic rate), the effects vary from person to person. Cryotherapy to lose weight is the latest method that has the combination of high-end equipment and science that helps people lose weight naturally. This is a non-invasive procedure that helps the whole body in increasing blood circulation and increasing the release of oxygen-rich blood, which ultimately improves your metabolic rate and help you lose some weight.

An alternative option for pain therapy

Many medical studies have accepted that the treatment of cryogenic chambers has a good and positive impact on various health problems. This is what makes it a generally accepted method for medical purposes in private clinics, hospitals and even spas. The Cryo Chambers is a great natural options, pain management for different levels, such as arthritis, rheumatism, subsequent degeneration, arthritis and chronic inflammation of the tendons and joints. It even has positive effects on problems such as insomnia, physical stress and even skin problems such as psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

In addition, the therapy is used as sports medicine for faster recovery and treatment of injuries. To achieve the long-lasting effect, the person must have at least 20 visits to cryogenic cameras. There are very few side effects, which in all cases are not common, the side effects can be skin irritation or blisters. Apart from that, there are no side effects and the treatment is considered completely safe and 100% drug free.