About Us


We are here to administer to your needs for relief from pain, recovery of joint and muscle comfort, or just to provide you with a day of pampering and indulgence after a hectic week.

Fire and Ice Spa offers the finest in Russian Spa services, a dry himalayan salt sauna and an infrared sauna along with highest quality CryoSpa administration and application. We offer whole body cryotherapy as well as treatment, specific to an injury, that targets the area in need of recuperation and repair.

We offer cryo-facials which can rejuvenate the skin with amazing results, giving skin resilience and an absolutely youthful appearance and feel. You can experience our sauna facilities, enjoying comfort and relaxation in the detoxification processes, or using the services of a Branch Man for even more results.

Try our healing foot reflexology treatments, in addition to our Reiki treatments.

When we began our services in 2005, we were originally known as the Russian Bath House of Boston. At that time, we began with traditional Russian Sauna services which have now greatly expanded, incorporating the fabulous benefits of cryotherapy treatment as well. 

We decided to call our new place Fire and Ice Spa to illustrate the contrasting temperatures of our treatments - the streaming heat of our Hot Russian Sauna, and the freezing cold of our whole body and local cryotherapy treatments.

Please contact us for any questions or to set up an appointment 802-FIRE-ICE (802-347-3423).