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Articles in magazines and newspapers have been reporting a new technology for the repair of injured muscles, tendons, joints and inflammation. It is called Cryotherapy and is the newest way to alleviate pain and down-time.

Sports figures have praised this new method of pain-relief because of the rapid rate of inflammation reduction and freedom from pain associated with injuries that gets them back in the game faster.

The popularity of this cryogenic technique alerts us to the fact that there are new ways to handle our pain, especially that received from injury. It is not as new as it seems, though - it's been around a lot longer than the general population knows. Boston cryotherapy spas have been mentioned in anything with cryotherapy news, and praised as the alternative treatment to seek.

One of the most innovative spas is located in Denham and serves the Boston area. It is called Fire and Ice Spa. If you are looking for a cryo spa in Boston or surrounding areas, you have found the right one. Boston cryo clinics have been attracting clientele from around the country and this spa has been on the innovative side of the business from the start. Be sure to visit their Grand Opening in August 2016! They will show you their facility and answer any questions you may have. Find out what Fire and Ice has to offer.