Local Cryo-Session

Sometimes full body cryotherapy is not necessary for a localized injury. Ankle, knee, shoulder and elbow joints require more local treatment.

Muscle recovery and inflammation treatment are handled with gentle care and expertise at our facility.

People are not at their best when in pain, and normal activities can become difficult or impossible to perform. This can lead to isolation and depression; feeling as though you cannot achieve the same activity level in your normal fashion turns into frustration that leads to no longer trying to improve the injury. You begin to feel it is easier to just live with it and try to maneuver the best way you are able.

You don't have to live this way! We are here to help you navigate through your journey. We have the treatment you require.

Sports figures have long understood the necessity of handling an injury quickly and efficiently for maximum improvement and function.

With local cryotherapy, these issues can be handled rapidly and competently, non-invasively and easily. Most of the athletes who have used this method of healing have reported effective relief from injuries, making it easier to resume their normal stamina and activity levels. The application of local cryotherapy is dry as opposed to wet treatments of ice baths or packs. The results are effective and lasting because healing and repair are taking place quickly.

For those suffering from joint or muscle pain, this procedure feels miraculous. It is affordable and available, as well as fast. No need to spend hours at a facility waiting for your appointment, only to find afterwards that you had few or no results, after attempts made to cause improvement are viewed as minimal. Fast, easy , effective and affordable treatment is here to help you.