Whole body Cryo-Session


Whole body cryotherapy has many benefits, the main one being a relief from pain created by an injury. However, there are many other rewards stemming from these treatments.

We were proudly the FIRST Cryotherapy establishment to open in Massachusetts back in 2016 and have been one of the leading Cryotherapy providers in the area. Our Dedham spa will surpass your expectations of service, proficiency and cleanliness. Our services will get you started on a new improved healthy body, one with less pain, more vitality and plenty of new energy. You can find an easy solution to obtaining relief from the pain you now suffer and that you thought might be with you for the rest of your life!

New client WBC package special | 3 sessions for $99! (after first $25 treatment)Rejuvenation of the body, the rebuilding of muscles and joints, and the redistribution of blood flow have been recognized as immense beneficial influences for our health and well-being. This process helps to boost immune system capabilities, helps in weight management by burning large numbers of calories quickly and efficiently, and relieves pain faster than other methods such as ice baths. The body is tricked into believing it is freezing and the body responds to adjust and protect the organs, tissues, muscles and skin. Although the best time for the procedure is after your work-out, any time is appropriate for this treatment.

Cryotherapy began as a method for treating Rheumatoid Arthritis and has escalated into efficient and safe treatment for many bodily injuries. People from every facet of life are praising this inflammation treatment and regeneration procedure.

While in the cryotherapy chamber, a professional staff member will be by your side to insure your comfort and safety. Your head is left exposed above the chamber, so conversation with staff is easy.

Most patients exhibit feelings of well-being or exhilaration immediately after treatment. Full body cryotherapy improves joint and sleep disorders, turns up the metabolic rate to heat the body, and shrinks blood vessels while relieving nerve pain.

You have probably seen television and movie personalities who have tried full body cryotherapy and praised the value of this treatment. The fact that this method has been embraced in such a full fashion is that it works! The word has been trickling down to the general public for some time now and its benefits have been studied and applied.

Anyone with the following conditions cannot receive WBC:

-Untreated Hypertension

-Peripheral Arterial Occlusive Disease

-Heart attack or Stroke within the previous 6 months?

-Heart Disease

-Unstable Angina Pectoris

-Ischemic Heart Disease

-Heart surgery conditions

-Anyone with a pacemaker

-Anyone with decompensating diseases (adema) of the

Cardiovascular and respiratory system, congestive heart failure

chronic liver disease


-Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or a known circulatory Dysfunction

-Raynaud’s Disease

-Bacterial or viral infections of the skin, wound

healing disorders (open sores or discharging wound

skin conditions)