Increasing popularity of cryo-services among celebrities 


A Brief Overview of Cryotherapy and How It Helps Celebrities to Look Young and Beautiful

In today’s modern and advanced lifestyle, the term cryotherapy is no longer alien to people. Well, call this a technological innovation or an incredible medical invention, the significant role that cryotherapy plays in muscle healing and fighting off the skin aging, is worth paying attention to. Are you curious to know more about its benefits and the reasons for which it has become one of the favorite activities of celebrities? Well, then keep on reading this article to find out why celebrities are going crazy about cryotherapy.

What Is Cryotherapy

The latest wellness treatment called Cryotherapy is nothing but a general or local use of extremely low temperatures for treating various tissue damages. Though this therapy traces its roots to the early 17th century; but it is in the recent times that it has been chosen by a considerable number of people for therapeutic purposes. Offering fast recovery and quick healing for injuries caused by mishaps and sports activities, Cryotherapy is rapidly winning the hearts of people. Be it prominent athletes or celebrities, more and more of them are actually swearing about cryotherapy benefits.

The main objective of this therapy is to lessen the spasm and pain, by increasing the longevity of the existing cells and reducing the reproduction and growth of new cells. In this therapy, below-zero degree temperatures are applied either to the entire body or some specific parts to soothe the pain of the damaged tissues. Once the freezing process of the therapy gets over, while the body heat starts to return to its normal state, the blood vessels also try to expand like before; and as a result of this, the healing process begins. Now there are various type of cryotherapies available in the market, such as cryo-facial, full body-cryo, and local-cryo, to which various celebrities are opting for to look good and young.

The Benefits of Cryotherapy

Though Whole Body Cryo-treatment is performed for only up to 3 minutes, the cryotherapy benefits are immense compared to the time one has to give to this therapy. Cryotherapy is not only used for pain-relief; but also is proven to be helpful in treating various medical conditions that are chronic, such as osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis and many more. Be it increasing the performance of your body cells or decreasing inflammation of some specific area of the body, this therapy has shown a positive outcome in all.

As this therapy also helps to slow the signs of aging while making one look young, cryotherapy is considered to be one of the most effective rejuvenation services. After the cryotherapy session is over, the body requires a lot of energy to reheat itself to its natural temperature which results in an increased metabolism. Yes, cryotherapy helps to burn calories in minutes, which is considered to be one of the biggest benefits of it and also a reason for celebrities to rely on it, it practically replaced the liposuction, except there is no surgery involved.

Celebrities Using Cryotherapy

Believe it or not, but the use of cryotherapy is rapidly increasing among celebrities the most. Well, the showbiz industry does have its own rules and demands. And to keep up with that requirement celebrities need to stay always fit and healthy. You won’t like your favorite actor or actress to look flabby on screen, do you! Well, neither does anyone. And it is because of the various cryotherapy benefits that celebrities have finally found a healthy way to shed some extra calories or get rid of some nagging tissue pain, or to get a smooth skin with no wrinkles, cellulite or stretch marks. Celebrities like Mandy Moore, Derek Hough, Alicia Keys, Daniel Craig, all have tried this unique therapy and benefited from this many ways.

Though the treatment has always invited controversies about whether it is effective or only a hype; the celebrities who acknowledge the benefits of this miraculous therapy, speaks about nothing but the productivity of it. What do you think, what is the secret behind the eternal beauty as well as the fit body of the celebrities? Yes, you are guessing it right; cryotherapy is one of the many other factors behind their ever-lasting beauty too. While actors like Daniel Craig has confirmed about turning to it for maintaining his physique for his role in the Bond movie "Skyfall"; start players like Cristiano Ronaldo has even gone one step further and bought a whole cryotherapy machine for himself.

While more and more actors and actresses are looking forward to sessions of this therapy, athletes are trusting cryotherapy to get rid of the pain and tissue damages, caused by their field of activity. Be it LeBron James or Kobe Bryant, both of these NBA superstars seem to be totally in love with the therapy and its quick pain healing effects. According to them the dry sub-zero air vapors not only help them to get rid of inflammation but offer more activeness and functionality to the body. Boxing champions, like Floyd Mayweather Jr., even prefers to go through a cryotherapy session both before a fight and after the fight.

Popular celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba are also said to have gone for this wellness therapy to stay away from the grasp of aging. While veteran actresses like Demi Moore have confirmed using cryotherapy for retaining her youthful looks; professional choreographer and dancer Derek Hough has even shared his pictures of going under a cryotherapy session. The tremendous advantages and convenience that the cryotherapy offers, to maintain both health and looks, is the main reason of why celebrities and athletes take the deep freeze.

With the growing popularity of cryotherapy among the celebrities and sportsmen, various new clinics cryotherapy centers are opening to cater to the increasing numbers of cryotherapy lovers. Based on the centers, various cryotherapies are provided. While some offers cryotherapy-sessions for specific areas of the body only, others like Fire and Ice Spa, provide cryotherapies to both the full body and to specific areas as well, including cryo-facial which basically replaced traditional facial service. While Cryotherapy is mainly known for its pain-healing and looks enhancing qualities, some research has found it to be helpful in dealing with insomnia, anxiety, and depression too.

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